Welcome to BingetownTV! A podcast that covers your favorite “Binge-Worthy” Fantasy & Sci-Fi television shows! You name it… we’ve probably covered it or will soon cover it! If there’s a TV show you want us to cover, let us know! 

Binge With Us! - Follow along with us while we “Binge-watch” some of your favorite shows. 

PitchtownTV - Guests pitch a TV pilot to us and we decide if we’re going to “watch immediately”, “add it it to our list of shows”, or if we are “out”! 

Rooks & Vets! - Noobs (Rookies) watch a TV series for the first time with huge fans of the show (Vets)! 

Believe it or not, BingetownTV was born in the heart of Iceland. It was the trip of a lifetime that included a Game of Thrones tour, midnight sunsets, and maybe (definitely) a bit too much Icelandic Eagle Gin. But when you have the chance to drink some gin made by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson AKA “The Mountain”, you don’t do so in moderation. It may have been the gin talking, but the idea to start a podcast was born. We could’ve let it die once we got back to the US, but instead turned our drunken boasts into action. In the past year we’ve gone from recording on a couch with virtually no equipment to producing over 159 episodes covering 20 TV shows (with many more on the way), and even interviewing several of their stars.