Dec. 31, 2022

10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Netflix’s Wednesday!

10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Netflix’s Wednesday!

Netflix’s original series, Wednesday, has taken the world by storm since it’s debut two months ago. This unlikely phenomenon quickly became the first English-language series to stream over 400 million hours in one week and crossed 1 billion hours within 3 weeks!

Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams, the only daughter of the Addams family as she is enrolled in Nevermore Academy, an academic institution that nurtures society’s outsiders. Wednesday attempts to solve a murder mystery at the school while coming to terms with her newfound abilities.

If you’re interested in checking out our podcast coverage of episode 1, where we have 2 huge fans of the show pitch the show to 2 newcomers who then watch and decide if they will “Binge Immediately”, “Add it to their list”, or “pass”… you can find it here! 

Luckily for fans everywhere, season 2 was announced by Netflix on January 6th! While we all do our best to wait patiently, we have some behind the scenes secrets from Season 1 that will keep you occupied for awhile!

10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Netflix’s Wednesday!

“Wednesday” was not the first Addams family project Tim Burton was attached to

Tim Burton was originally approached to Direct an Addams Family project in 1991, but he had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts with his Batman Returns project. He also at one time signed on to co-produce and co-write a stop-motion animated film that never ended up panning out.

Jenna Ortega auditioned for the role of Wednesday Addams over Zoom while covered in fake blood.

While filming the horror movie “X”, Jenna Ortega was told Tim Burton would like to speak with her. She ended up having to take the call in the middle of a shoot where she was covered in fake blood! Ortega stated in an interview with WIRED, "I had stage blood and glycerin sweat in my hair and a massive cut on my face and had been up for over 24 hours”. She said Tim loved it and laughed as soon as he saw her.

Jenna Ortega choreographed the infamous dance scene for “Wednesday” herself.

Jenna Ortega’s now viral dance moves have caught the eye of many fans and celebrities, including Lady Gaga. Ortega said that she watched footage of 80’s goths dancing in nightclubs and also wanted to pay homage to the OG Wednesday Addams dancing.

That same dance was shot while Jenna Ortega had COVID

Speaking of the viral dance, actually revealed that she filmed the scene while sick with COVID. She told NME that she was instructed to film while feeling sick and that they were giving her medicine between takes while they waited for the COVID test results.


Jenna Ortega pretty much NEVER blinks in any of her scenes

Tim Burton noticed that during certain scenes Ortega was not blinking as Wednesday and ended up loving it. From then on he told Ortega that he didn’t not want her to blink at all while filming. Ortega stated that she had to learn to blink when the camera wasn’t on her and other characters were speaking.

Christina Ricci was not originally supposed to star in “Wednesday”

When filming for “Wednesday” first began, actress Thora Birch was cast as a character that would end up being very similar to Marilyn Thornhill. At some point in the process, Birch dropped out (apparently due to creative differences) and Burton decided to create the role of Marilyn Thornhill for Christina Ricci. Some of Birch’s scenes had to be reshot using a green screen.

Tim Burton originally HATED Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams hair

When hair and make up were originally creating Jenna Ortega’s look as Wednesday Addams, they just could not get it right.  Tim Burton was not a fan of the look and had them try too many combinations to count. They apparently tried streaks in her hair, tiny braids, long thick braids, and many other combinations. Eventually Ortega told the hairdresser to cut her actual hair to make it look exactly as they envisioned. It ended up working out perfectly and Tim Burton loved it.

Jenna Ortega never played the Cello before starting as Wednesday Addams

After watching Wednesday’s Cello scenes, many fans either thought Jenna Ortega was already a cellist, or someone else was playing for her. However, Ortega actually revealed that she had no prior knowledge of how to play the Cello and learned specifically for the role. She was only learning for two months before she was able to play those scenes for the show!

Jenna Ortega and Christina Ricci never discussed their roles as Wednesday Addams while on set

As soon as Marilyn Thornhill showed up on screen, fans everywhere were screaming at the amazing Easter Egg. Although Ricci previously played Wednesday in two films in the 90’s, Ortega apparently never spoke to her about the role while they were on set an interview with MTV, Ortega stated, "I think when she was on set, neither one of us said 'Wednesday' once to each other. I don't think she wanted to get in the way of my performance and feel like she was overbearing." She also stated that she didn’t bring it up because she didn’t want to rip her off or be too much like her.

Emma Myers actually went to "werewolf boot camp" to prepare for her role as Enid Sinclair.

To prepare to play Wednesday's werewolf roommate Enid Sinclair, Myers participated in a "werewolf boot camp”. Myers stated that the boot camp involved her and a couple other guys crawling around on the floor growling at each other. Seems like a very weird experience!