Feb. 18, 2022

Dexter: New Blood Ketamine VS M99 Debate- Questions Answered with Executive Producer and Director Marcos Siega!

Dexter: New Blood Ketamine VS M99 Debate- Questions Answered with Executive Producer and Director Marcos Siega!

Dexter Morgan (Or Jim Lindsay) made his long-awaited return to our television screens this November. Dexter: New Blood, the revival of Showtime’s hit television drama, finished its run over a month ago with another polarizing and controversial ending in the eyes of many of the Dexter fandom. We at BingetowntTV believe that Dexter Morgan got the only ending that would have made sense for this series. In our podcast coverage, we theorized his fate (not the exact circumstances but the end result) and stated many times that this was the only ending for the character that made sense.

Many fans who have listened to our podcast coverage know that we are definitely not saying that Dexter: New Blood was a flawless show. There were plenty of things many of the fandom (including us) had issues with and we made sure to discuss them on the podcast.

After the finale aired, Executive Producer and Director Marcos Siega was flooded with messages (both good and bad) from fans wanting answers about the finale. Luckily for us, he joined our podcast to answer these questions and discuss the finale.

One of the biggest questions that fans wanted answered was the M99 vs Ketamine issue that came up throughout this season. Fans of the original series know that Dexter used M99 to incapacitate his victims before putting them on his table. In this season, he used Ketamine instead of M99. In one of the climaxes of this season, Dexter’s girlfriend and Chief of the police department, Angela (Julia Jones), came to the conclusion that Dexter must be the Bay Harbor Butcher and a serial killer after researching ‘Bay Harbor Butcher and Ketamine” in Google. To be fair, there are other things that led her to this conclusion, but the biggest issue people had was that Ketamine would not show up in the Google search because Dexter used M99.

In our podcast episode, we asked Marcos if he could clear up this issue and he gave us his answer. (Below is a transcript from our podcast episode with Marcos Siega. Slight changes were made for better reading. To hear the entire podcast, utilize the player above or click here). To check out all of our podcast coverage of Dexter: New Blood, including Part 1 of our interview with Marcos, click here

Jim BingetownTV [00:16:49] And I have a couple little things I want to talk about if we have some time. Number one, There are so many people on Reddit and the Facebook fan pages asking about this ketamine thing and you said that there's an answer. So, if you could give it to us, that'd be great. The ketamine vs. the M99 thing where everyone's saying it's different.

Marcos Siega [00:17:06] Absolutely. So, it is different. If we would have replaced and taken the ketamine out of this season and imagine that we had the same scenes, but it was called M99, right? Fans would have been like, Yeah, yeah, okay… that's a little convenient that they have that there. But if you Google M99 and ketamine in real life, there’s a word that ends in (INE) like ketamine. And in toxicology reports, they're the two most mis-diagnosed drugs. Like people are confusing the two of them in real life. Right? In our story, when Angela Googles, she is just putting pieces together. Remember the information she has. She has the Bay Harbor Butcher, Miami, the wheel marks, and now ketamine. So she googles ketamine and Bay Harbor Butcher and Miami homicide. Whatever comes up, the answer was not the Bay Harbor butcher. That would have been an oversight. Right, right. Really blow up the screen, right? What it is, is when you google something and you put in two words like Miami homicide and ketamine, it's going to give you all the things where those two words show.

Jim BingetownTV [00:18:48] Right the relevant results.  

Marcos Siega [00:18:50] And for the Bay Harbor Butcher in one of the stories she’s reading, I think we even went out of our way to say, like, what she looks at is the equivalent of like a fan site. It's people who are sleuthing and trying to figure out that it was a big mystery. So, what she sees in the Google search is that there are people who are saying that it could have been ketamine instead of M99. It could have been ketamine in their system. It wasn't conclusive. Conclusive evidence for her is going to be Batista confirming at the end. So, yeah, look, could we have called it M99? Sure. I think that would have been just like a little eye rolling. So, I don't mind the debate. I just, you know, it's like when people say they fucked up, they fucked up.

Marcos Siega [00:19:59] Yeah. So I can sleep at night. Like when it came up, I was like, OK, they'll figure it out. You know, if anyone really cares what we talk about it, it'll come out and they either understand it or they won't. But as I said in the beginning of this interview, there is a reason for everything and we did think about everything. So whether or not explanations kind of satisfy people, I can't speak to that. But I can say with conviction that there's a reason why things happened the way they did.



So there you have it. According to Marcos this issue was considered by the writers, directors, producers, etc. and they made a conscious decision to go with Ketamine instead of M99. And just like Marcos said, he cannot speak to whether that explanation will satisfy people or not. In our opinion, this debate should not take away from a great season of television. As a podcast, we are very critical, but we are willing to accept that there were all of these issues showing up in Angela’s mind (Jim actually being Dexter Morgan from Miami who faked his death, the drug dealers that were related to Harrison’s overdose both being injected (or almost injected) with Ketamine, The Bay Harbor Butcher podcast, Matt’s surgical pin, etc.) and her searching Ketamine and Bay Harbor Butcher and then finding a fan site saying that the Bay Harbor Butcher COULD HAVE used Ketamine put her over the edge. It is important to remember that Angela was NOT arresting Dexter for being the Bay Harbor Butcher. She only had suspicions that she was hoping Batista would confirm for her. She was arresting Dexter for the murder of Matt based on the pin being found in his cabin. It is also important to remember that Angela was Dexter's girlfriend who thought she knew him and is now having major thoughts that he is a serial killer. It is reasonable that she was throwing accusations at him left and right. The Ketamine was just another thing to send her over the edge. 

Either way, we can’t thank Marcos enough for chatting with us! He is super passionate about his work and the fanbase and he was open and honest about all topics and questions we asked. This is the kind of director we want working on our favorite shows.

You can WATCH this portion of the interview below!