The Midnight Club Episodes

Dec. 21, 2022

E310Bingetown Discusses the Cancellation of The Midnight Club!

Recently it was announced that Netflix has cancelled The Midnight Club after 1 season and Bingetown is in mourning. Thankfully, Mike Flanagan (the GOAT) wrote a blog post giving the cliff notes and spoilers for season 2, whic...

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Oct. 26, 2022

E299Midnight Club Episodes 9-10 Recap and Review

The finale is here....but we're still talking about episode 9! We of course make a few more ghosts at the club meetings, and have a thrilling confrontation in the secret basement. We had a shocking realization that these 10 e...

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Oct. 20, 2022

E295The Midnight Club Episodes 7-8 Recap and Review

Episode Notes The Midnight Club episodes 7 & 8 had everything: a devastating death, group sing-a-longs, Bobby Longstreet trying to make us all feel better, a second Natsuki story time, and a Amesuki (Natmesh? What is their sh...

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Oct. 17, 2022

E293Midnight Club Episodes 5-6 Recap and Review

We are back with episodes 5 and 6 of Mike Flanagan's Midnight Club! In these two eps Ilonka keeps digging into Brightcliffe histroy, and our girl Anya's health begins to really decline. We continue to make some awesome ghosts...

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Oct. 10, 2022

E290E290 The Midnight Club Episodes 3-4 Recap and Review

The Midnight Club episodes 3 & 4 brought the heat with two new "ghost" stories, a death at Brightcliffe, some creepy revelations, and last but not least, more time with these lovable teens!!!!! Listen to us break down these e...

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Oct. 7, 2022

E289Midnight Club Episodes 1-2 Recap and Review

The creative mind of Mike Flanagan is back with another spooky show, Midnight Club, and we couldn't be more excited to cover it. We have a whole new set of characters, some returning actors of course which we love to …

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