April 8, 2021

E100 Interview with Rick Worthy AKA Dean Fogg from "The Magicians"

E100 Interview with Rick Worthy AKA Dean Fogg from

Today is our 100th episode! 🍾

We saved something very special for this day! We couldn’t be happier that for our 100th episode, we get to bring you guys an interview with the Legend @rickworthy1 ! 🥃

He plays Dean Fogg in one of our favorite shows of ALL TIME, @magicianssyfy ! We had an absolute blast chatting with Rick! He was such an amazing person and we are so appreciative to have the chance to talk with him.

This interview is JAM-PACKED with content! We can’t even begin to try and describe all of the stuff we talked about! You’ll just have to tune in to find out! 😉

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