May 26, 2021

E113 The Magicians "Peaches & Plums" BingetownTV Special!

E113 The Magicians

About a month ago we finished up our coverage of Season 5 of @magicianssyfy and it was a sad day for us all 😭

This show is amazing and we pretty much created this podcast so that we could cover Season 5 when it released on Netflix.

We couldn’t say goodbye to our Magicians coverage without a Monster pod with all 7 of the BingetownTV crew.

This episode is our love letter to The Magicians! Appropriately titled: Peaches & Plums Mother F*cker! In this episode, we discuss Season 5 and the show as a whole, we rank the power levels of our favorite magicians, we discuss a lot of “what if’s” and “what could have been’s”, and one final BingetownTV Bang / Kill / Marry! We hope you guys enjoy!

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