July 8, 2021

E125Interview with Marine Biologist and Shark Expert Dr. Mike Heithaus!

E125Interview with Marine Biologist and Shark Expert Dr. Mike Heithaus!

It’s the summer time and you know what that means… it’s time for @natgeo ‘s SHARKFEST! 🦈🌊

To honor the kick off of this awesome programming, we get to bring you guys something really special! We were lucky enough to interview Dr. @mike_heithaus ! Dr. Heithaus is a marine ecologist who specializes in predator-prey interactions and the ecological importance of sharks and other large marine species. This amazing man has lived and studied in the only underwater research habitat at the bottom of the ocean and he has even talked about his work on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

This year, he is involved in two awesome documentaries for Shark Fest!

On July 8th, THE CROC THAT ATE JAWS. In this special, Heithaus and the team will look at what happens when two of the deadliest predators on the planet go head-to-head. And On July 12th SHARK ATTACK INVESTIGATION: THE PAIGE WINTER STORY, which examines the shark attack of 17-year-old Paige Winter, who was 17 when she lost her leg and part of her hand while swimming off the coast of NC.

In this episode, we discuss the most fascinating shark facts, why we don’t need to be afraid of sharks, and how we can live more harmoniously with them. Plus MUCH more! This interview was a blast, you do NOT want to miss it!

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