Aug. 5, 2021

E134The Magicians: Back to the Pilot - Pitchtown

E134The Magicians: Back to the Pilot - Pitchtown

Welcome to our newest podcast series… PitchtownTV! In this series, our hosts will talk with a guest who picked the pilot of one of their favorite shows and have the hosts watch that episode, and then convince them to watch the whole series!

In our first ever PitchtownTV episode, of course we decided to cover @bingetowntv ‘s favorite show of all time, The Magicians ! This episode is not actually a bingetown original, but an episode from My Favorite Episode Of (a fellow @geekscapeforever podcast), where Luke and Kathleen convince Julie to watch The Magicians. We thought it would be fitting to utilize this @myfavepof episode because it is from this podcast (which unfortunately had to end) that we got the inspiration for this series!

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