Aug. 16, 2021

E137Wynonna Earp: Back to the Pilot - Pitchtown

E137Wynonna Earp: Back to the Pilot - Pitchtown

🚨New Podcast Series Alert! 🚨

Y’all know we love TV and nothing makes or breaks a show like the pilot. With that being said: Welcome to PitchtownTV, where friends come to pitch the pilot of a show they love to the rest of us who haven’t seen it. The newbies (rooks) will then decide whether they’ll binge the show or pass on that shit. How vulnerable!!!!!!

First up: Kathleen @kspingler pitches one of her favorite shows of all time: Wynonna Earp @wynonnaearp ! She is stupid obsessed with this show and this was the perfect excuse to force the rest of the bingetownies to watch. Will the rooks watch the rest of the show or respectfully decline?!?! Listen in to find out and welcome to purgatory, Earp heads! Let’s kill some demons!!!!




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