Oct. 5, 2021

E154 The OA Season 1 Review: PitchtownTV Follow up!

E154 The OA Season 1 Review: PitchtownTV Follow up!

🚨PitchtownTV Follow Up! 🚨

For our second ever PitchtownTV episode, @juliarobb pitched the pilot of @the_oa to the rest of the @bingetowntv crew :

We loved the pilot / first season so much that we decided to record follow up episodes for each season of the show! #savetheoa !

Today we drop our podcast review is season 1! The OA is an amazing television show and blows your mind every single episode. This show made us think more than any other tv show we’ve ever watched!

Quick Recap of PitchtownTV Premise:

Y’all know we love TV and nothing makes or breaks a show like the pilot. With that being said: Welcome to PitchtownTV, where friends come to pitch the pilot of a show they love to the rest of us who haven’t seen it. The newbies (rooks) will then decide whether they’ll binge the show or pass on that shit. How vulnerable!!!!!!

If you’d like to listen to our pitchtowntv episode covering the pilots of #theoa and #wynonnaearp , all you have to do is check out the link in bio, search for us on your favorite podcast app, or checkout bingetowntv.com !

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