Oct. 28, 2021

E162MTV Scream TV Series - Back to the Pilot : Pitchtown Throwback MFEO

E162MTV Scream TV Series - Back to the Pilot : Pitchtown Throwback MFEO

To celebrate spooky season and 25 years of #scream we decided to go back in time to when Jim went on @kspingler and @julie.eisenacher ‘s @geekscapeforever podcast to discuss #mtvscream !

If you guys are fans of the podcast, you know that we have a series called pitchtowntv… where a guest comes onto the show and pitches the pilot of one of their favorite shows to us and we watch the episode and let them know if we are going to binge immediately, add it to the list, or if we are out.

Many of you probably don’t know that my sister and co-host @kspingler used to be on another podcast on the Geekscape Podcast Network called @myfavepof . In this podcast, Kathleen and her co-host Julie had a guest come onto the show to discuss their favorite episode of one of their favorite television shows. Sound familiar? Well PitchtownTV was born when My favorite episode of unfortunately had to end. Pitchtowntv is our homage to that podcast with a few tweaks. ❤️

In today’s special episode, we are dropping a previous My favorite episode of episode where I came onto the podcast and discussed the pilot of Scream the TV Series that aired on MTV. 🔪🔪🔪


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