Nov. 4, 2021

E165Interview with Carlson Young (The Blazing World, MTV Scream, Key & Peele)

E165Interview with Carlson Young (The Blazing World, MTV Scream, Key & Peele)

Recently the Bingetown crew had the absolute pleasure of talking to the extremely talented Carlson Young.

Many of you probably know her from her roles in As the Bell Rings, Key & Peele, or Scream the TV Series. In the past 3 years, Carlson has developed into a triple threat with Acting, Writing, and Directing. In 2018, her first ever short film as a writer, director, and Actor (titled The Blazing World) gained notoriety at Sundance allowing her to convert this short film into her first ever full length film, also titled The Blazing World. This film was released on Video On Demand, Itunes, Amazon prime video, and other avenues on October 15th. Jim & Kathleen saw both the short film and the feature length and were blown away by the acting, the visuals, and the score.

In this episode, we discuss The Blazing World, as well as her time on Scream the TV Series. We hope you guys enjoy the show!


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