Jan. 23, 2021

E78 Rooks & Vets! The Magicians Season 5 Episode 3

E78 Rooks & Vets! The Magicians Season 5 Episode 3

Welcome back to our “Binge With Us: Rooks & Vets” series! Covering SyFy’s The Magicians !

Quick recap of Rooks & Vets: For this series, we choose a show that 2 of our hosts haven’t seen yet, and those 2 hosts (Rooks) discuss the episodes as they watch with 2-3 of our hosts who HAVE seen it (Vets). It provides a unique perspective and you get real-time reactions as well as people reacting to those reactions with all of the knowledge of how it ends!

In this podcast episode, we cover one of the best episodes of the Series... Season 5 Episode 3! In this episode, we talk about the Margo/Josh/Fen storyline, The Dark King, and Elliot & Alice’s long-awaited confrontation about Q. Plus MUCH more!

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