March 19, 2021

E95 BingetownTV Goes Back to "The 100" Pilot!

E95 BingetownTV Goes Back to

We’re back bitches!!! We told you that we would meet again! 🚀

In honor of the 7 year anniversary of The 100’s debut we’re going all the way back to the pilot episode!

We have ALL 7 members of BingetownTV on this podcast! 5 of us are @cw_the100 Vets and enthusiasts, 1 of us quit after season 4, and the other is a little bit of a hater 😬(but we still love him!)

What happens when you put all 7 of us in a room to talk about this epic television show and add a little bit of alcohol? Pure chaos! @kspingler wanted to rip her hair out!

Just a warning to all of our listeners: This episode was recorded months ago and was our first attempt at having all 7 of us on a podcast episode. We have since majorly improved our sound quality with all 7 of us being on at the same time, but this episode is a little chaotic!!! Embrace the chaos!!!

May we meet again!

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