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This podcast is toooo GOOOOD

LOVE this Podcast!! Go Bingetown!

Absolutely outstanding!!! Bingetown is the best, loved the shark episode! The interviews with all the celebrities are top notch. Give them a listen, they won’t disappoint!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A must subscribe podcast in this new world

We live in a completely different world of entertainment than we did even five years ago! This show is a great compass and navigational guide to get you through all of it!

These guys are the best!

I had these guys on my podcast, TV Trivia Pod, and they were so much fun. And they really know their stuff! We had a blast talking the Mandalorian and that amazing glass they have everywhere, hahaha. And these guys killed their trivia! Great guys, great podcast!

For Us Nerds!

If you like Marvel, DC, Star Wars and all the similar nerdy stuff this is the podcast for you!

Came for The 100

I came for their coverage of The 100, and I'm sad they only got to do one season. Then I discovered they were doing The Boys, WandaVision, even better! I'm only a casually casual Marvel fan so I appreciate all the theories and background information that helps me understand the show more.

New Listener

Found you guys trying to get my Bly Manor fix in and y’all delivered. Really enjoying hearing your breakdowns of each episode. Going back to listen to older shows now that I’ve already binged but just want to hear your thoughts. Good job!

Hella underrated

Y’all are hella underrated my dude. U should have like 100k daily listeners like y’all insane

More people should know about this podcast

These guys are great. Not only do they offer interesting thoughts and feedback about the shows they discuss, they also have a great banter with each other that makes it a fun show to listen to. I sometimes feel like I’m in the room with them! I’m surprised they don’t have more reviews or aren’t a bigger pod yet, definitely one of the better ones out there!

I dig this podcast a lot, butttt

The Audio level is so very quiet. Other than that everything is amazing

Wow, where has this podcast been??

I wish these guys had been around for more seasons!! Well spoken, good insight, and I don’t have to listen to people giggling through entire episodes, which makes it hard to follow. Much easier to follow and much easier on the ears! Hope you guys continue- and hope you go back to do some of the past seasons! It would be nice to hear your perspective on those seasons! Keep it up- I love you guys after only 1 podcast!

Great content for passionate fans !

An incredibly insightful group of friends that love theorizing and reacting to syfy/fantasy shows. If you like the small details and fun analysis, this podcast will definitely make binging any tv show better.

Great show for fans of syfy!

The commentary from everyone at BingeTown is spot on, insightful, and the banter is great! There’s a fun mixture of episode recaps of current shows coupled with the “Binge With Us” segments, I literally looked up where to stream Spartacus: Blood and Sand so I could rewatch the series after listening to this podcast. I would strongly recommend this podcast to any of my fellow syfy fans!