Aug. 3, 2020

E21 The 100 Interview: Jason Diaz (Levitt)

E21 The 100 Interview: Jason Diaz (Levitt)

Welcome back to Bingetown!

The 100 is back this week and we want to give you guys something special to get hyped for it’s return!

Friend of the podcast, Jason Diaz, AKA “Levitt” from The 100, joins the Bingetown crew for an amazing interview!

In this interview, we talk about him getting the role of Levitt and being a big fan of the show, Levitt’s relationship with Octavia, and he even had plenty to say in response to our accusations that Levitt is an evil double agent and demanded an apology from us 😂

Jason is such an awesome guy and we can’t thank him enough for coming onto the podcast. We can’t wait for you guys to hear this interview!!!

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