Oct. 18, 2020

E51 The Boys Season 2 Finale Episode 8 Recap & Review

E51 The Boys Season 2 Finale Episode 8 Recap & Review

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We are soooo upset that we have to wait now for season 3 of The Boys because we were left with some major cliffhangers. The first half of the episode is a lot of buildup for what happens at the end. We get some great fights scenes and I think we can all agree, "Girls, get it done." Although we have some sacrifice along the way, The Boys and company have put Vought in a rough spot, so they are now able to relax with their loved ones...for now. This is a long one but if you like what you hear, give BingetownTV a follow on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to subscribe to us on Apple Podcast and Spotify!

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