Jan. 10, 2023

E320Top 5 Shows of 2022

E320Top 5 Shows of 2022

Episode Notes

HELLLLLOOO TV heads! We know it's the new year, and there are a ton of new shows we are AMPED about in 2023. But first!!!!! We must give 2022 the recognition it deserves and discuss (AT LENGTH!!!!) last year's best TV shows.

Special guest and best friend of the Pod Tyler AKA T$ (of Severance Pitchtown and Emmy Episode fame) is back and hosting Luke, Kathleen, and Jimmy to rank each of our Top 5 shows released in the year 2022. We were definitely drinking during this episode (duh!) so expect some classique bingetown chaos.

Let us know if you agree / disagree with our picks!!!!! Legggggoooo!!!!!

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